District 3 Rodeo Action

Photos taken by Carousel Portraits 
at the District 3 Rodeo
Photos are taken at the District 3 rodeos by Kathy - Carousel Portraits.  Dennis is at the photo booth across from the snack shack and has information, orders for pick up and some prints available.

Stop by and see him

Saturday is spent in the main arena photographing Grand Entry, Jr & Sr Pole Bending, Rough Stock events, Roping events.  After Team Roping heading to small arena for Cutting (1st Go only), then back to the main arena for any Barrel Racing that remains.

After Grand Entry, Sunday is started off in the small arena with Jr & Sr Goat Tying, then back to the main arena for Rough Stock events, Roping events and Barrel Racing.

Special photos can be taken if previous arrangements are made