District 3 Rodeo Action

2017   End of YearSPECIAL


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you only pay for the cost of the size of print you order

4x6 $3.00 - 5x7 $7.50 - 8x10 $10.00 - 11x14 $15.00 


                       COMPOSITES make a GREAT sponsor Thank You                                 

a composite will be $10 plus discounted cost of the size of print you order

4x6 $12.00 (up to 2 photos) - 5x7 $10.00 (up to 3 photos)

8x10 $15.00 (up to 4 photos) - 11x14 $20.00 (up to 6 photos)

Call or email your order to:  

CHSRA3@msn.com (preferred) ... we will reply when your order is received

(if you place order by email and have not received a reply please assume that it didn't go through)

or call Kathy at (916) 300-2269

When ordering be sure to have the following:

                                                              1.  Date of Event

                                                              2.  Event (Jr or Sr Barrel Racing, Jr or Sr Pole Bending, etc)

                                                              3.  IMG_xxxx (4 digit number)


Photos to be MAILED

                                                                     postage will be $5 additional charge